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About the Author

Tim Leifeste, owner of MetaLinks Online Design, is a veteran Texas media specialist with more than 25 years of senior management and production experience in the communications industry.

He has won state and national awards for publication design, writing, editing, and photography. Prior to his retirement, he specialized in Active Server Pages programming and in developing database-driven eCommerce web applications and sites for small and medium-sized businesses. Since May, 2000, more than 20,000 people have used his eCommerce shopping cart applications. In addition to founding MetaLinks.com, he was a full-time web developer,  business systems analyst and Forms Administrator with the Texas Department of Transportation in Austin, Texas. He retired in 2011.

Experience summary
  • Web Developer/Business Systems Analyst/Forms Administrator (1996-2011) - Texas Department of Transportation, Austin, TX
  • Public Information Director (1995-'96) - Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation, Abilene, TX
  • Media Consultant (1994 to Present) - TGA Publishing, Burnet, TX
  • City Editor, Albany Herald (1993 to '94) - Grey Communications, Albany, GA
  • Founding Editor, The Business Weekly (1991-'93) - Clear Channel Communications Inc., San Antonio, TX
  • Editor/Vice President, Plano Star Courier, Allen American, Mesquite News (1987-'91) - Harte-Hanks Community Newspapers Inc., Plano, TX
  • Managing Editor, Sunday and Features, San Antonio Express-News (1981-'87) - News Corporation, NY, NY
  • President, Outback Ltd. (1979-'81) - San Angelo, TX
  • Regional Public Information Director, West Texas Region (1975-'79) - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, San Angelo, TX
  • Assistant Editor, Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine (1973-'75) - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Austin, TX
  • City Editor, Killeen Daily Herald (1972-'73) - Mayborn Enterprises, Temple, TX
  • Managing Editor, Corsicana Daily Sun (1970-'72) - Harte-Hanks Newspapers
  • Sportswriter/photographer/reporter/wire editor, San Angelo Standard-Times (1968-'70) - Harte-Hanks Newspapers
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