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Introduction to Links Plus

Links Plus is a metaLinks directory of hyperlinks to online Texas and national media, online reference works, and free stuff. There are links to: Texas newspapers, magazines, and radio and television stations; high-tech companies in the Silicon Hills of Austin; national wire/cable and television news and financial services; major U.S. newspapers and magazines; entertainment and celebrity news; and the tabloids. Online Reference Works includes links to more than 800 online dictionaries, to a search engine used by reporters, to telephone Area code and postal ZIP code finders, and much more.

The World Wide Web is a hypertext, hypermedia information system built on such hyperlinks, pointing to more bits of information than you could ever digest in your lifetime. Each of these bits of information on the Web has a unique address called a Uniform Resource Locator, or URL.

Links Plus represents a dynamic and growing collection of quality hyperlinks to some of's favorite URLs on the Web. Of course, we realize that any links page by its very nature is subjective, that is, it mainly reflects the interests and background of its compilers; however, we hope you will find these links as useful and informative as we do and visit this page often. Better still, bookmark it.

Broken Links

If you find a bad link on any of these pages or if you want to suggest a link or category for us to add, please e-mail us.

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